Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike

Dzieci i Zabawki


NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE DOUBLESTRIKEWpakuj w zbliżającego się zombie dwa pociski jednocześnie! Ten wygodny miotacz możesz ładować jedną ręką, a strzelać z niego drugą. Zapamiętaj - kiedy już załadujesz magazynek, odbezpieczysz broń i wymierzysz: strzelisz dwoma pociskami jednocześnie! Nie daj zombie przejąć Ziemi z nowym Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike! Fashion is more exciting and more accessible than ever. If you love fashion and would like to know more about it, look no further than this! With more than 1,000 illustrations, Fashion: The Whole Story follows the evolution of fashion via its most important moments \" and most impracticable fads \" culminating in the modern era of the supermodel) This enthralling book presents the high points of fashion history throughout the world: the silk robes of the Chinese Tang dynasty; the kosode of the Japanese Heian period; the kaftan of the Ottoman Empire; Christian Dior\"s post-World War II New Look; and the laser-cut Nu-craft of today. Fashion: The Whole Story takes a revealing look at the most influential modern designers, as well as the quirky ideas and occasional bursts of eccentricity that have taken fashion in innovative new directions. An assessment of fashion icons allows you to understand how one designer or style influenced another. Fashion: The Whole Story details the individual key pieces that epitomize defining styles or epochs in fashion history. It explains everything from the choice of specific materials or individual design features to the significance of designs created during times of crisis. Marvel at the dress of the Mughal Empire and the steel-hooped crinoline of the 19th century; discover the lines of a classic man\"s suit and the political implications of the mini skirt; and understand the science behind the latest \"smart\" materials in sportswear.

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